Commercial Grade Vinyl Sheet Flooring Experts in New York

Hardwood Flooring Lynbrook - Barry's MycarpetBarry’s Mycarpet is a innovative approach to medical flooring designed for the healthcare industry and patients alike. Creating more than just a flooring option, but an overall system of wellness and life.

Barry’s Mycarpet creates the perfect setting to promote optimal patient care, maximize the needs of medical professionals and minimize strains placed on healthcare administrations. From the emergency room and treatment areas to operating room surgical suites to intensive care units, corridors and patient rooms, Barry’s Mycarpet responds to the diverse demands of healthcare.

This very amazing vinyl sheet flooring cover allows surgeons, doctors, nurses and all other healthcare professionals to stand for long periods of time without damaging joints and muscles. It’s ergonomic design reduces noise generation and absorbs more noise than conventional flooring. Barry’s Mycarpet, commercial grade vinyl flooring also cushions patient’s legs and lower back when standing and walking.

Besides all the other benefits, Barry’s Mycarpet also has unmatched safety and hygienic properties. In the health care industry nothing can be more important that hygiene to reduce or prevent the spread of bacteria and infection. Barry’s Mycarpet has antibacterial and anti-microbial properties and is also mold and mildew resistant because of its Floor curing process.

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