Things To Consider When Selecting Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring

The possibility of getting scratch and water resistant feature make Luxury vinyl planks all the more important, more so due to it being durable and tougher floor compared to other available options like laminate and hardwood. If you are one of those planning to go ahead with Luxury vinyl planks, you need to consider several things before selecting one that matches your style and budget.

It should however be noted that luxury vinyl flooring store Ranges in raglan are available in different types. A good number of differences exist among manufacturers when it comes to construction styles. While some luxury vinyl flooring planks come with residential warranties, there are some others that have commercial warranty.

Some other things to note include the presence of water proof features, the presence of UV stability of the plank so fading does not take place and whether there is a built-in mildew and mold inhibitor. There are some companies that even provide guarantee of their vinyl to be hypo-allergenic.

One easy way to measure durability is the thickness of the vinyl. The basic thickness is about 2 mil thicknesses and gradually increases to 6 mil. The important thing to note is that most of the vinyl planks that are found are built different.

Hence the cost of these planks could vary depending on the blanks and styles available. Hence when buying vinyl planks, one should see that the price of the product matches with the thickness and layer of wear. The point to note here is ensuring correct comparison is made in the price range.

One finds a wide array of finishes in luxury wood-looking vinyl planks. The popular choice is the smooth finish while for a more natural look of a floor, one can use the ribbed, and hand scraped or registered embossing finish. One gets a more wood look and style as finish to get a wood and color species. It is important to check a sample of a luxury flooring vinyl plank before making a final purchase.

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