Advantages and Disadvantages of Hardwood and Carpet Flooring

Hardwood Flooring Long Island - Barry's My carpetsWhen considering My carpets hardwood floors for a remodeling project, keep in mind that while the cost of installation may be a bit higher, if you plan to sell your home (now or in the future), hardwoods really boost the resale value of the home. My carpets hardwood floors are an amenity buyers are willing to pay additional money for. In fact, most builders consider this an upgrade. Therefore, this option tends to provide a noticeable return on your investment.

Maintaining hardwood floors is relatively easy because all that’s required is routine sweeping and vacuuming to keep dust from accumulating. Periodically, treating the wood with a cleaner specially designed for hardwoods can help maintain the look and feel of your floors and can help minimize scratches. If, by chance, your My carpets hardwood floors become worn, or if your style preferences change, hardwood flooring can be sanded and stained to suit your interior design tastes.

Be aware, though, large retailers will often include engineered wood as an equally beautiful but far less expensive option. This option is, indeed, far less expensive than its traditional counterpart and is especially useful if your home’s construction features concrete slabs (popular in the Southwest and Western US). However, while engineered wood can give your room the look of My carpets hardwood floors, it is, essentially, a thin wood strip adhered to plywood that will not boost the resale value of your home, if that is a part of your consideration.

Families with pets can also experience challenges with My carpets due to pests like ticks and fleas which may find their way into your home via your pet, then nestle into the fibers of your carpet. Pet hairs and pet dander can also be problematic in your carpeted rooms, requiring more frequent cleaning.

Thankfully, pre-treated carpeting options are now available in the marketplace to minimize stains, pet dander and other common problems associated with My carpets carpet flooring. For more know about Our Carpet Hardwood Flooring services so you move on personal website


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