Hardwood Floors Subfloor Water Damage Repair

Long Island Hardwood Floor Refinishing - Barrys Mycarpets.jpgWhen hardwood floors are flooded by water damage from a broken pipe under a sink, a toilet that has over flown and been unattended, or even a water supply line to a kitchen refrigerator freezer cleaning up surface water does not eliminate potential flooding damage even though there are no visible signs at this time. Water penetrates into the absorbing qualities of the wood floor and subfloor materials similarly as sponge holds water.

This moisture if not properly treated will soon start to show signs of what’s called cupping. Many hardwood floors are put together with a tongue and groove assembly. These planks containing moisture will begin to separate from each other and the subfloor. Aggressive actions are required to reduce the moisture content in flooring materials before these destructive signs begin to show.

One of the most effective and widely used lines of equipment in the industry for hardwood floor restoration and subfloor water damage repair is the Inject dry System. This system uses a negative air exchange to pull out moisture from hard to reach dense materials and replace with dry air. A trained professional can effectively set up this system, monitor and evaluate its progress and achieve maximum results insuring hardwood floors are restored to a pre-flooded condition.

Replacement of hardwood floors and subfloors due to flooding can reach tens of thousands of dollars. But with proper water damage repair wood floors can be saved reducing out of pocket expenses down to a tenth of the amount to replace. Time is crucial. So don’t be fooled by first appearances. Contact a trained water damage specialist immediately who can take moisture readings of flooded affected areas and detect underlying water damage not seen by the naked eye. Most restoration companies provide free estimates and 24/7 immediate service. Your hardwood floors and pocketbook will thank you.

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