Hardwood Flooring in Kitchen Requires Special Expertise

fabulous-friendly-kitchen-with-Long Island-koa-hardwood-flooring - Barrys My CarpetsWhether it is office, house, salon or any other place, you will see more of the wooden or vinyl flooring. Hard wood flooring is expensive, therefore some of the people either go for vinyl wood flooring or they get hardwood floor in one of the areas of their house like, kitchen or any other place.

Measure the Space  

The first step is to measure the whole space of your kitchen. Measuring will not only help you get the wooden slabs accordingly but will also guide you the way you should lay the flooring; so that it requires minimum cutting or trimming of wood.

Level the Ground

Before the installation of hardwood flooring, make sure that the ground is well leveled. You can either use a scale or any other thing to check the level. It is up to you, how you want to level the floor. Some of the people get the wooden flooring on their already cemented or concrete flooring but the best option is to have a wooden sub-floor that can of Ply. It should be leveled enough to make the hardwood installation easier and accurate.

Install the First Row

Place the first row in a way that the hardwood boards should be perpendicular to the walls. Such an arrangement helps preventing sagging in the future. While laying the wooden floor, there is a need to leave a 3/8-inch gap between the walls and the flooring to ease the installation process. These left over spaces can be covered later with trim.

Once the hardwood flooring is installed successfully, you need special care to maintain its look and functionality. Avoid spilling oil or any other liquid because it may damage its appearance by spotting the surface. Do not drag the materials over hardwood flooring. Try to keep it as dry as possible, because water is the biggest enemy that ruins the structure of wood. Moreover, you also need special care while cleaning the wooden floor. Hiring the services of a well-known Best Flooring Company in Long Island, you can install classy hard-wood flooring in your kitchen.



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