Considerations While Installing Hardwood Floors

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Hardwood floors possess grandeur of their own. Be it your home or office space, these are always the best choice to infuse some allure and affinity to your space as well as your image. But, as well-known it is that ‘nothing comes easy’, the installation of hardwood flooring can be the same old story. So, in order to aid you with leapfrogging the headache of several dos and don’t and what and what not’s, this article is here to help you.

There are four different ways in which you can get the Hardwood floor installation done:

1. Locking:  In order to carry out this technique, you need to roll out the moisture barrier, float it over the subfloor and make sure that the planks are locked tight together. It can be a DIY task if you are in for spending your precious time and energy actually doing it instead of chilling with a hot cuppa.

2. Glue:  Gluing, as the name suggests, it aims at towering the sub floor with glue and precisely setting up the planks.

3. Nail:  Nailing involves driving a nail to the sub floor through the hardwood.

4. Staples:  This technique is identical to Nailing, but instead of nails use staples and you can have that perfect hardwood flooring at your steps.

There is one pre-requisite for Hardwood Flooring and that is the sub floor. You have to make sure that before deciding about getting the hardwood flooring done, the sub floor is ready. Your subfloor might have certain demerits which can act against it like it might be concrete or not flat enough.



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