Buying A Carpet Product – What Should Matter?

Hardwood Flooring Staining and Cleaings Services in LongIsland - BarrysmycarpetsIt matters especially in high traffic areas in your home or office such as stairs and hallway. How closely the fibers are knitted one to the other will determine the density of your carpet and not the carpet depth. The back side of the material is the best place to check the space between the tufts; too much space only means that the carpet will lose reliance faster so always go for smaller spaced carpets.
Weight – Carpets have weight indicated or printed on the back and the dense fiber and short ones tend to be more durable. You will be surprised to find carpets with longer strands and lips that look bulky, but actually weigh less and may not be as durable as they look.
Maintenance – The truth of the matter is that new carpets shed fluff. Vacuuming the carpet as soon as you lay it can be a great way of eliminating all loose fibers. The type of carpet you choose will, however determine the maintenance requirements in the long run. Think about thickness, length of the fibers and even the colors when thinking about maintenance. For instance, light colored carpets in high traffic areas will call for more regular cleaning which can be hectic for some. You might need to use stain inhibitors and treatments for some to keep them in good shape. It is best that you choose a carpet you can keep up with in terms of maintenance.
Pile fiber – Wool is used in high quality carpets and is highly durable and resilient whereas polypropylene fiber is man-made and very popular because it is stain resistant and hard to wear. Other fiber options you have include polyester which is remarkably soft and durable and poly amide that comes in a wide range of vibrant clear colors and hues. Consider the pile fiber options and weigh the pros and cons of each before selecting the most suitable for your carpeting needs.
Pile type – The most common are woven and tufted carpets. Woven carpets use traditional loomed methods to get premium finished and are considered top-end carpets thereby attracting premium prices. Tufted carpets on the other hand are made by needle rows that punch the yarn into the base material.

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