Five Important tips For Hardwood Floor

elegant-look-of-a-hardwood-flooring-in-new-yorkOne of the most important things that you should do is remove debris. Dirt and debris will act like sandpaper on your floor. If your leave it on your floor, it will start to wear down your finish. Over time, your floor will look scratched and dull. To prevent this from happening, you need to remove the dirt and debris as quickly as possible. Get in the habit of sweeping your floor at least once a day. Then, you can vacuum once a week or so in order to pick up the debris that you miss while using a broom.
Wipe Up Moisture : Besides dirt, another thing that can damage the hardwood is water. Water and moisture will cause your floors to crack and warp. It can also lead to mildew and other issues. Fortunately, you can prevent issues by wiping out moisture right away. Whether you spill a drink on the floor or your children walk through the room wearing their snow-covered shoes, you should take a towel and mop up the liquid to prevent damage to your floor.
Wash Away Dirt : If you want to keep your floors looking their best, you need to do more than sweep, vacuum, and remove moisture. You also need to wash your floors every now and then. You should research which products you can use based on your floor’s finish, but most hardwood floors will work with watered-down wood floor cleaner. Use a dry mop to go over the floor. Be careful to pick up any liquid as you go, so the floors are dry when you finish.
Use Rugs : Do you have any areas of your room that tends to get a lot of traffic throughout the day? Ask yourself which are the high traffic areas of the room. You can protect these areas from wearing out faster than the rest of the room by purchasing rugs and strategically placing them throughout the room. Choose ones that don’t have rubber backing, since rubber can trap moisture on your floor.
Set Boundaries : If you want to keep your floors in great condition, you’re going to have to set some boundaries or rules for your household members and guests. Maybe you want to ask everyone to leave their shoes at the door. Maybe you want to ask people to keep drinks or food off of the floor. Whatever the case may be, you can set boundaries that will help you keep your floor in good condition. One thing that would be helpful as a house rule would be to refrain from wearing high heels or combat boots on the floor to prevent scratches and other issues.
Your Hardwood Flooring in New York will be durable and look great. If you’re going to keep it in top condition, you have to know how to take care of it. Make sure to talk to the installer about the finish that you have on the floor. There may be more directions that you should be aware of that can help you take care of your floor. For example, you may want to buffer your floor on a regular basis to retain the shine.

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